A higher response rate than all digital channels combined

A well-done direct mail campaign will help you reach more potential customers as well as connect with your existing ones. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to go after your target audience where they work or live, direct mail services offer the perfect solution.

Savvy marketers know that direct mail marketing is a proven powerhouse within the marketing industry. When paired with digital marketing, direct mail delivers the highest return on investment (ROI). Choosing a team that’s well-versed in postal mail regulations and all other facets of direct mail marketing is vital. Ritter’s expertise in design, format, print, data, personalization, and mailing services covers all the bases. Using state-of-the-art tracking and analytics, we’ll help validate your campaign success.

Direct Mail Products

  • Postcard mailers & folded self-mailers
  • Envelope mailers & catalogs
  • Magnets, reply mail, full personalization

Mailing Services

  • List hygiene, presorting, CASS & NCOA
  • Lasering, inkjetting, tabbing, labeling
  • Certified mail anywhere, drop-shipping

Mailing Lists

  • B2B and B2C lists with unlimited demographics
  • New movers, new business, renters
  • Append data: phone, email, address, credit


  • Target B2C & B2B prospects in a defined area
  • Lowest postage rates
  • No mailing list required

Digital Marketing Services

  • Improve direct mail performance
  • Track & integrate with digital channels
  • E-mail, retargeting, social, informed delivery
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Dimensional Mail

  • Target just your highest value prospects
  • Highly personalized & maximum impact
  • Best opening experience, increasing response

USPS postage rates have been updated

6 Best Practices for Successful Direct Mail Campaigns

Define Your target mailing list

Whether you are marketing to new prospects or sending to a house list, the quality of the data can substantially increase the success of your mailing. Leverage key demographics like location, age, gender, income to help identify and understand your prospects and customers. Understanding your audience will help improve the messaging and your offer so it’s on target.


Creating a compelling offer is just as important as your mailing list. The offer should resonate with your audience and trigger a response.  Studies show pairing the correct list and offer can account for over 75% of a campaign’s success. Put yourself in your recipient’s shoes and decide if you would respond to your own offer.


Is this a one-off mailer or part of an ongoing campaign? Will the speed of delivery matter…. first-class travels the fastest or is it ok to send via standard mail which is less expensive but takes longer? Remember to take into consideration holidays and seasonal peaks which impact your audience. Work out a schedule starting backward from when you want the offer in homes so you can calculate the time needed for production.


Be creative, focused, familiar with USPS rates and regulations, and very clear with your messaging and brand. Decide what kind of mailer is the right vehicle to deliver your message….a postcard, folded mailer, or maybe a letter in an envelope? Your design should include an easy way to respond to your offer. Adding more features may increase response like how it’s opened, textures or die-cut shapes, personalization, and visual effects to name a few. There should be no confusion about what to do when they receive your mailer.


Make sure that you are ready for your mailing to be active. Be prepared to answer more phone calls, respond to queries, follow up with online form fills and other online traffic. Your response during this phase creates the goodwill you are looking for with your recipients. Use analytics and tracking to determine areas of success and areas for improvement.


Digital marketing channels can help reinforce your direct marketing message if you target your list. They add more brand impressions and create a sense of familiarity. Use social media, e-mail marketing, retargeting, and other technologies to boost your campaign results.