We believe in sustainability and protecting our environment.

From sustainably sourced materials and paper, environmentally friendly chemicals, to energy practices at our production plant, we offer sustainable printing solutions that not only look great but help protect the environment too! Ritter’s prides itself on utilizing processes that are efficient and responsible.

How do we do it?

    • We recycle paper and use recycled paper whenever possible and many of the papers we use are FSC certified or SFI certified.
    • We recycle our aluminum press plates and excess paper.
    • We use vegetable-based inks.
    • We use alcohol-free press chemicals.
    • We use low volatile organic compound solvents.
    • We have replaced all silver-mercury-based developers with water-miscible chemicals which are environmentally friendly.
    • Upgraded building lights from standard incandescent bulbs to high-efficiency energy star LED and fluorescent lighting.

So, whether it’s sourcing recycled materials or using vegetable-based inks and less oil-based chemicals when you work with Ritter’s for a printing project, you’re doing your part to help keep the planet cleaner for future generations.